Francis Benoit is a product designer based in Montreal, Canada.

As a Product Designer, I participate in user research to define our users' needs, interpret product requirements and design solution that weights in both business value and user needs. Daily, I explore potential solutions through a process of ideation, prototyping and testing.

By working with people of various disciplines and motivations, I discover and define the "what" and the "why" behind the features and improvements we build. I leverage my expertise in user experience, visual design, product strategy and user research to design the "how".

Leading design at AdGear, the technology behind Samsung Ads, I put the craft at the forefront, developing my expertise in Design systems, design processes and prototyping. Right now, I focus on developing the design culture and excellence at Samsung Ads, as well as establishing the foundations for scalable design process and product design.

I completed a Bachelor degree in Graphic Design from Université Laval in 2012 and a Masters degree from York University in Toronto.


Design process
User interface design
User research
Design principles
Design systems
Design thinking
Research methodologies
Product strategy