Francis Benoit is a product designer based in Montreal, Canada.

As a Product Designer, I participate in user research to define our users' needs, interpret product requirements and design solution that weights in both business value and user needs. Daily, I explore potential solutions through a process of ideation, prototyping and testing.

By working with people of various disciplines and motivations, I discover and define the "what" and the "why" behind the features and improvements we build. I leverage my expertise in user experience, visual design, product strategy and user research to design the "how".

Leading design at AdGear, the technology behind Samsung Ads, I put the craft at the forefront, developing my expertise in Design systems, design processes and prototyping. Right now, I focus on developing the design culture and excellence at Samsung Ads, as well as establishing the foundations for scalable design process and a product design team.

I completed a Bachelor degree in Graphic Design from Université Laval in 2015 and a Masters degree from York University in Toronto in 2017.

Because there's life after design, I also run marathons with the East Laurier Running Club, ferment food, and read books.

Main practices

Design process
User interface design
Design systems
Design principles
User research
Design thinking
Research methodologies
Product strategy